The Oaklea Vision

A society where individuals are enabled to be effective citizens irrespective of age, disability or disadvantage.

The Oaklea Vision

Our vision is based on the principle of a society where individuals are enabled to be effective citizens irrespective of age, disability or disadvantage.

The Oaklea Trust Mission Statement

  • To support individuals to achieve their aspirations through care, education and development; encouraging independence and maximising capabilities.
  • To support communities to maximise their impact upon the lives of beneficiaries and value to society.

Our Working Behaviours (updated May 2020)

Be kind – our workforce is compassionate, helpful and benevolent towards others

Be part of the team – participation & co-operation in a motivated, transparent and collaborative team

Be innovative – embracing change, being original and creative in our approach to shaping the work we do

Be focussed – listening and responding to our customers, their families and each other and committing to our duty of candour.

Be productive – committing to do our best and achieve results for our customers and teams

Be respectful – valuing the contribution of everyone, understanding, tolerant, embracing difference

Be resourceful – trained and qualified teams, organised and equipped to carry out their work. Strategic planning, prepared

Our Strategy

To achieve our Mission Statement, focusing within the regions of northern England.

We will achieve this through engaging with our beneficiaries, managing financial resources and employing quality people to do the job. This is a five year strategy made in 2017 with the measures of success being reviewed annually.

Customer & Stakeholder Surveys:

Please note: Due to Covid19 we were not able to produce a Customer & Stakeholder Report for 2020 - however we included Stakeholder survey responses in our 2020 Annual Report (see below)

For an overview of our organisation, see our the 2018 Customer & Stakeholder Evaluation Report (released April 2019) - full of our customers, our staff and stakeholders.

Oaklea Customer & Stakeholder 2018_WEB.pdf

The 2017 Stakeholder Report is here:

Customer & Stakeholder Evaluation Report 2017.pdf

Oaklea Trust Annual Reports

Our latest Annual Report for 2021 is available here to download Oaklea Group Annual Report 2021

PLUS: We also have an interactive version - complete with videos etc! Click here Oaklea Annual Report 2021 Interactive Version!

Previous reports here:

Annual Report for 2020 is available here: Oaklea Group Annual Report 2020

Or click on the pdf here Oaklea Annual Report 2019_20_WEB.pdf

The Annual Report for 2019 is here: Annual Report 2019

Or you can download the web friendly pdf here: Oaklea Annual Report 2019_WEB Final.pdf

The interactive style Oaklea Annual Report for 2018 can be viewed here Oaklea Annual Report 2018

Meanwhile The Oaklea Annual Report for 2017 is here Oaklea Trust Annual Report 2017.pdf

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