The face fits - 30 years not out - that's Neil working in care!

Profile: Oaklea, 05th Oct, 2021

As you are aware there is a huge national (and local) effort going into encouraging people to work in social care.

Totally focussed on the job in hand….oh and you have some fun on the way too!

Caring for others comes naturally….

Getting new faces in is a huge challenge -but if you’ve ever thought about starting a career caring for others - have a listen to one of our own stalwarts - Neil Sadler. He’s been working in social care for more than three decades….and as a mark of the progression involved - he’s now our Registered Manager in Northumberland.

Why Supported Living can be such a great career move

In for the long haul -plus some perks on the way…

Neil has been with Oaklea since 2005 and has loved changing the lives of the people he supports.

Gatecrasher -Cheeky man gets everywhere - you can tell he loves what he does -so could you!

You also get some great memories along the way…

It’s definitely not a 9-5 job……but then again… change lives - Neil knows this - his journey began at the tender age of 15 when supporting his Grandmother. He’s spent most of time working in Support Living settings in the North East…It’s also made a big difference to him - social care gave him his first trip abroad!

Looking at a great career - so far!

What a difference you can make - you really can -take it from Neil

It sounds so obvious - but you don’t devote 30+ years to doing something unless you really get something out of it….Giving something to others is more than enough reason to get out of bed everyday and change lives - including your own!

Special moments - special memories - that’s a role in social care….

Some of the people Neil refers to in his video include Jimmy - sadly he passed away earlier this year - but Neil has fond memories of making his later years that bit more special - such as arranging a special 90th Birthday party -and an Exec box at his beloved Newcastle United!

Supporting people - not just a job - a gallery of loveliness from Neil & Northumberland

Raising spirits as well as flags…

In the frame for a top role - Always time for a selfie on a fun trip with those Neil supports…

The final image says it all - best foot forward for Neil!

So what’s stopping you - if you want to live the life Neil does - get in touch

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