Ahoy there - Stepping up comes naturally....

Profile: Oaklea, 27th Aug, 2021

Throughout the Summer Oaklea have been providing activities and trips for young people across South Lakes & Furness. They were on hold in Summer 2020 -so it was great to see them back this year.

This week our South Lakes gang (and our Furness group the day after) had a trip to Grizedale Forest….it turned out to be a great example of good team work and being able to come up with a ‘Plan B’ sharpish as circumstances change.

Our trips usually start with a pick up - in this case our bus collects everyone from Kendal Leisure Centre.

All aboard and ready for anything -Marketing bod Simon (our driver for the day) and Youth Supremo Jack!

All who enter - On arrival……some bad news -best laid plans n all that….

When we landed at Grizedale Forest we were told the Cafe had just shut due to members of staff testing positive for Covid19. So whilst our youngsters made the most of the play area - Jack and Youth worker Lia made lots of phone calls and web searches for possible alternatives for lunch (the original plan was to have a celebratory pizza meal at Grizedale). No mean feat finding an alternative option as Grizedale is quite remote.

One of the group - Zoe- then suggested -why not try the Bluebird Cafe at Coniston? (she knew it and also how to get there once in Coniston…..sorted!). So a call was made and a booking made.

Swings and roundabouts - that kinda day….

Managing to reach new heights with the Oaklea Young People’s Team

Operation Bluebird takes off

So Plan B involved heading to Coniston where we could eat….luckily Zoe knew exactly where Bluebird Cafe was (and quite a walk from where we parked the bus)…she was an absolute star and led the group confidently and with ease to the waterfront location.

Zoe is def a very ‘hands on’ person!

Not today Captain - we ate just opposite Steam yacht Gondola -but no time for a ride - but the Captain gave us the thumbs up anyway! (maybe next time?)

But time was made for other types of watery based fun!

“Duck” - Harry & Cameron went absolutely quackers beachside taking in the wildlife at Coniston….(fear not the ducks were fine!)

Can we have a quick word….

As the day ended Zoe was taken to one side and asked if she would consider being a volunteer Youth Worker with Oaklea - we now await her decision! (You know you want to Zoe…what an absolute star!). After all it is the young people we support that make all this worthwhile -with or without pizza!

Waving us off - or is it just au revoir from Zoe?

The fun doesn’t stop here though for everyone else…

To find out more about ongoing clubs & activities for young people just drop us an email at Join in the fun year round

Big thanks to Sandgate School, Kendal who let us use their bus for these trips!

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