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Profile: Oaklea, 17th Oct, 2019

A key to Oaklea’s Children and Young People work is to ensure our young people try new activities and experiences.

Here’s a great example of that - a group of young people have just had a great residential weekend in Cumbria’s Eden Valley.

Caroline Taylor, who helped run the activity, which was based at the picturesque Ormside Mill tells us more: “The retreat provided experiences to build self and group awareness, build secure relationships, and set group and individual goals. They listened and supported each other in both the physical activities and the personal sharing exercises. Everyone participated in the activities provided, at their comfort level. The group accepted each other’s limits. They knew when to encourage and when to let be. They did an excellent job of getting along and creating a safe place for all.”

As a result of all this the group were very much living out a key Oaklea working behaviour - that “We value and respect each other.”
As you can see they got to take part in lots of things ranging from arranging and cooking the food to some high rope challenges!

Ormside Mill proved a perfect setting. Being together proved to be a great leveller - Caroline adds: “The young people were appreciative of everyone making the effort to reach out. They bridged a gap between the older and younger members. This already transferred to Appleby Grammar school. One of the older boys now says hi to the two younger girls when he sees them in the hallway. They liked seeing each other facing difficult tasks and celebrating other’s successes.”

To find out more about our activities for Young People contact Oaklea Enquiries or T: 01539 735025 or follow our dedicated Facebook page Oaklea Young People

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