"Phantom" appearance by "Pink" - one day only!

Profile: Oaklea, 13th Aug, 2021

Essential to what we do here at Oaklea is to ensure those we support get to live as independently as possible -and we love to assist in making sure our people take a full part in activities and leisure pursuits...

We have many people among those we work with who have a host of talents that we love to nurture….one of the people we have featured over the past year has been musical maestro, Andrew Barker.

The ‘great gig in the sky’ beckons via Kendal!

We have covered his house move -including his beloved keyboards- composing music for the Oaklea 30th Celebration - and now we can bring you some even better visual stimulation (after all the pictures tell the story).

‘Shine on you crazy diamond’

Andrew - through his Oaklea support, Bernice Dean, managed to get to play on the organ in the magnificent surrounds of Kendal Parish Church - he even had an opera singer in tow!

Bernice: “We were given time to have a ‘play’. Then in the last 10 minutes Andrew was allowed to pull out all the stops and this happened!”
Window on inspiration….Here’s looking to future challenges…

In the Pink…as we go to ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’

Andrew is a huge music fan -and tbf we can’t help but notice he bears an uncanny resemblance to one of his ‘heroes’ - the late Rick Wright - keyboard genius from Pink Floyd!…..

(Photo courtesy ‘The Pink Floyd Experience”)

Just “Another brick in our (Working Behaviours) Wall”!

Yet again we think this pairing (Andrew & Bernice) tick so many of the Oaklea Working Behaviours….they definitely make our ‘Final Cut’….

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