That's the "Wray" to go!

Profile: Oaklea, 15th Oct, 2021

This week our Learning2Live group of young people had another great bonding exercise - this time a chance to get to know their area better and to get a sense of where they will be living so they can start to plan their own adventures!

They spent the day at Wray Castle on the shores of Windermere - located more or less opposite where they will be living on the eastern shore!

Over there! - that’s where we will be living

A time to reflect on what the area has to offer

Wray Castle, which is run by the National Trust, has extensive grounds along the western shore of Windermere. This gave ample opportunity for fun & games as well as getting to know one another better before moving into their shared home in Windermere itself.

The table is about to be set for a great day

Clean sweep -The castle rooms are currently empty but still plenty to see

Birds of a feather

The day also involved some of the team who will provide support for our young people. You can see Kevin from the team harnessing his inner ‘swan whisperer’ skills - whilst Jordan managed to capture the moment!

Foraging is fun

Kevin & Mollie turn over a new leaf

In the afternoon Kevin came up with some ideas for team activities using material gathered from the grounds

Dropping in - L2L supremo Matty D tries out Mollie & Kev’s ‘don’t break the egg’ challenge -epic scramble er fail!

So what’s L2L all about then?

Find out more about L2L here Background to L2L -it’s a joint initiative between Oaklea and our CIC Right2Work

Some of the gang enjoying a breather after a full on Wray er day!

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