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Greater than the “sums” of our parts

Profile: Oaklea, 08th Jul, 2021

Oaklea’s CIC Right2Work has been working with Syrian refugees -to help them settle in Cumbria/England.

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It’s coming home you say?

Profile: Oaklea, 01st Jul, 2021

Apparently there’s something big happening this weekend……no one ever mentions it!

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New customers - always welcome!

Profile: Oaklea, 25th Jun, 2021

Our brand new Customer Booklet for Oaklea Group (including Right2Work) is now available to download.

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A year on - well what a year we have had - thankfully someone captured it!

Profile: Oaklea, 23rd Jun, 2021

A year ago this month we welcomed a group of young guys to our latest project - and their new home! As it was a huge moment - then and now -they wanted to celebrate this with you! Hands up if you agree…….that’s a resounding YES then….

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Cover to cover - Oaklea is a real page turner!

Profile: Oaklea, 10th Jun, 2021

You may recall we told you that in the run up to Christmas we were featured in a bumper EBook that was launched in time for Xmas stockings (!) Well it has proved so popular they’ve now made a print copy -and it’s just landed!

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