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A small step into social care - a big step for Kelvin!

Profile: Oaklea, 12th Jan, 2022

As you are aware we are supporting several campaigns at the moment to encourage people to consider a career in social care.

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Advent of a Greener Future?

Profile: Oaklea, 21st Dec, 2021

‚ÄčTis the Christmas gift that keeps on giving‚Ķ.& more to the point the advent of a new (positive) day!

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Christmas Dinner in a van - something seems fishy?

Profile: Oaklea, 20th Dec, 2021

Yes you read it right…..we’re spreading the festive seaside kindness fun among our customers across Furness.

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Christmas message from Oaklea Group Chair

Profile: Oaklea, 16th Dec, 2021

It’s that time of year where we look to the future and reflect….

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Lego is the perfect recipe says George

Profile: Oaklea, 15th Dec, 2021

There are few certainties in life - but sometimes 2 things come together that just click! Bet you never thought it would be gourmet cooking & a well known world beating Danish toy!

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