Cover to cover - Oaklea is a real page turner!

Profile: Oaklea, 10th Jun, 2021

You may recall we told you that in the run up to Christmas we were featured in a bumper EBook that was launched in time for Xmas stockings (!) Well it has proved so popular they’ve now made a print copy -and it’s just landed!

The book , ‘Caring in Covid’ was compiled by NCF – The National Care Forum (of which Oaklea Trust is a leading member).

Oaklea CEO Clive Wigley can be seen enjoying his copy this morning:

“The book brought to life some of the most harrowing and heart warming elements of the delivery of care during the Covid 19 pandemic throughout 2020. We thought the stories of people you support, staff and volunteers, leaders and the communities you are part of were fantastic. We brought them to life last year in a Caring in Covid e book, This year we have gone one stage further, and have committed these incredible stories to print!” Vic Rayner, Chief Exec, NCF

The book, which is packed with stories from across the UK, also features some of our images throughout – including this shot of Appleby Health Centre -where we made regular drops for the healthcare teams.

The story focussed very much on our CIC Right2Work’s Appleby Hub delivery service which ran for 5+ months a year ago at the start of the pandemic - a living breathing example of ‘building stronger communities’ in action. In the story you can see some of the R2W Hub Team - including Chef Patrizia and Learner and familiar face in the Hub Cafe’ Charlotte (actually pictured receiving a delivery at her home on the East Fellside)

You can download the original Ebook here to discover more Caring in Covid - download the book here

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