"Hammering" home an absolutely tip top day

Profile: Oaklea, 03rd Aug, 2021

Our six young people who are to be part of our brand new -and unique- project Learning2Live (L2L) have had a top day of fun, learning and bonding at Lowther Castle near Penrith.

L2L is all about providing support AND learning under one roof - more background here Learning2Live

Our young people will be moving into their new home in Windermere in the heart of the Lakes.

We’re up 4 it! Michael, Beth, Annabel, Grace, Mollie & Jordan raring to go!

The learning element is provided by our good colleagues at Right2Work - the day to day social support by the Oaklea team -one of which is Kevin Hankey - he knows how a day like this can help build bonds that will grow and grow:

Another team member is Michael Donald - like Kevin, a familiar face to our customers in the South Lakes.

A close shave ‘Learning ‘on the job’

One of the tasks the group had was to create wooden benches from ‘green’ (raw) wood with Master Craftsman Dave Corrie. The Benches will take pride of place in the garden at their new home.

Take a seat - for family time - we made these!

They also made nameplates for their rooms and for the house itself…

It’s got our name on it! Kevin admires Jordan’s handywork

Here’s craftsman Dave showing Jordan how to create the legs for the benches…..a real head turner!

All this grafting is making us hungry…

A key task was to prepare and create their dinner - Calzone Pizza, Scotch Pancakes and a vital element -a fully functional tea urn!

Doh!……NO - Dough for the pizza!

In the mix -Mollie gets to make Scotch Pancakes

“You ain’t seen me right” - Beth enjoying her firepit Pizza

Have you got the United Nations on speed dial? - Crisis averted as demands for (more) pineapple on the pizza met with a stony silence!

The day was put largely together by Oaklea Trustee Susie Grainger - who in her ‘day job’ works at Lowther Estates for the environmentally minded national charity, The Ernest Cook Trust -one of our key partners:

The young people and their families had really been looking forward to the day - as you can hear from Jordan’s Dad, Mark Beach:

Wot a combo - It’s such a good idea….

Let’s leave the final word to Mollie’s Mum, Rose Woodburn -who loves the whole concept of L2L (she knows a thing or to as she’s also a Governor at Sandside Lodge School in Ulverston)

Blue sky thinking always on hand here at Oaklea - closing image

Clear skies ahead: The young people & their families/carers share a moment - on their hand crafted benches, holding their room plates and clutching the new house sign!

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