It's coming home you say?

Profile: Oaklea, 01st Jul, 2021

Apparently there's something big happening this one ever mentions it!

Pride & Joy - Anthony flying the flag…..come on England!

Yes England are through to the Quarter Finals of Euro 2020 -and lots of our customers have gone into excitement overload especially in that footy hotbed -the North East! The match against Ukraine isn’t until 8pm on Saturday but in Spennymoor they’re a motivated bunch -off the bench and scoring with some creative heraldry based decorations!

Window on the world - they know how to “dress” in County Durham

Team Manager Baron (Mark) Crawley (and occasional resident of Raby Castle (!) “Can you guess what we’re all excited for?…Yes the football at the weekend, the whole house is ready. The customers are getting so excited for the game. Not much sleep will be had, nothing else will be talked about tbf. Come on England!”

We’d never have guessed Mark…..thankfully you, Ant and the crew provided us with some valuable visual clues!

Enough flags mags? - We’ve also got Mags - she was really up for it when it comes to getting in the spirit……

Mark (pictured below) has form on being a master of the tease…..we ‘flagged’ him down outside Raby Castle near Staindrop a year ago -when dropping off PPE!

Is it…..believe…we do!

So whisper it….it’s (fingers crossed in Spennymoor and beyond) coming home….the dream remains alive!

Winning all round

……And yes….lets get serious for a moment (!) - by making their home so lovely the customers and employees in Spennymoor (and elsewhere across Planet Oaklea) are living so many Oaklea working behaviours…


Not to be outdone on this side of the Pennines….Oaklea Support Paulina sent us this lovely image of Oaklea/R2W regular, Kelvin from Kendal - “This is Kelvin after England scored their 1st goal!!”

Here’s to the next time…….our time will come Kelvin, let’s hope it’s a bit quicker than 55 years!

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