It's like being part of a jigsaw

Profile: Oaklea, 03rd Nov, 2021

We're celebrating National Trustee Week - and today we're hearing from another great Oaklea Trustee.

Linda Adey is a Trustee for Oaklea and is based in the Eden Valley…

“Being a trustee is a privilege which feels rather like being a small piece of the jig-saw…”

Daily bread: Linda was a regular on our food delivery programme during the first Covid lockdown in 2020

Being part of something much bigger -Linda’s take

“Since I first became involved with the Oaklea Trust I have learned more and more about the many things it does. At its heart are always community, opportunity and kindness- and I now think of it as being rather like a jig-saw puzzle, a big one, with many pieces, all of which fit together to make a complete whole. Being a trustee is a privilege which feels rather like being a small piece of the jig-saw.”

A Trustee gets involved

Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic visits etc have been restricted -and Board meetings have been done via Zoom. In pre Covid times there was a lot of involvement at a grassroots level - here you can see Linda accepting donations on behalf of #ProjectEdenside from local fundraisers.

Visible presence & a visible voice for Oaklea -the Trustee life

Earlier in the week we heard from Chair Andy Scott (more here Andy Scott - Trustee Chair) Here you can see him on a fact finding mission to our CIC Right2Work -The Furniture Warehouse.

Spring in his step: Learner Duncan takes five as Andy gets lowdown on recycling

You can give so much - but you get a lot in return - the last word with Linda

“To anyone who thinks that sounds like an idea which might appeal to them I do encourage them to talk to one of us already in that position. Speaking personally I don’t think you’d ever regret becoming involved!”

Become a Trustee

We welcome applications from individuals of all ages and backgrounds. You can find out more about what National Trustee Week is all about here Plus more on being an Oaklea Trustee here

So sounds good doesn’t it - why not get in touch and have an informal chat

New recommendation comes in: Oaklea Group CEO Clive with Chair Andy Scott

You can send your details/CV to us Chat to Clive or better still have an informal conversation with our CEO Clive Wigley T:01539 735025

What you waiting for - Join Linda and get on board as a Trustee

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