James has "No time to eat cake"

Profile: Oaklea, 07th Oct, 2021

We ask many things of the people we support - and those we employ - but all for a good reason!

The name’s James - James Cake 007 ‘Working Behaviours’

This is James - one of the top folks Oaklea supports - he and his fellow housemates got roped into a cunning plan for our Oaklea Annual Report that will be out later this year. We organised a photoshoot involving James and pals at their home in Kendal to scoff yum cake…er no to illustrate the Oaklea “Working Behaviours”!

Steve n James ‘swing into action’ - the ‘cake is not enough’

“Live & Let Eat” -Tuck in - oh you have…!

After much excitement & anticipation- the cake was brought out - it had actually survived not being nibbled in the fridge overnight! (clearly living a key Oaklea ‘working behaviour’ - ‘be respectful’!)

First cut is the deepest….

So what brought this “Food for thought…”

The idea came when Oaklea Team Supervisor extraordinaire, Alex ‘Mayo’ Corrie-Williams, made the fatal mistake of sending an image of a ‘rainbow’ cake she’d made into Oaklea HQ - and we spotted that it bore an uncanny resemblance to our ‘Working Behaviours’… the gauntlet was down -‘how about making a bigger cake that we could use for the front and back cover of the upcoming Oaklea Annual Report’…..ok came the response!

Let them eat cake -and during working hours!

So here’s the crafty baker behind all this yumminess Alex ‘Mayo’ Corrie-Williams:

No danger of bursting our ‘tasty’ bubble…

Seeing double…..a ‘working’ in progress -sorted! (007 layers on the original…but hey how big can the cake get our tummies are only so big!)

Tasty Teaser - Mission accomplished!

Of course this is just a teaser…you’ll have to wait to see the final slice of the action when the Oaklea Annual Report is put together later this year! Now where’s the rest of that cake…

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