Lego is the perfect recipe says George

Profile: Oaklea, 15th Dec, 2021

There are few certainties in life - but sometimes 2 things come together that just click! Bet you never thought it would be gourmet cooking & a well known world beating Danish toy!

Yes we’re giving new meaning to ‘bringing home the Danish’…

This is George, who we support in the South Lakes at his home in Kendal.

Oaklea Support Bernice Dean describes G as an “absolute gem” -think you can see why from these images!

Master Chef in Life of ‘Pie’

The gem that is our George is pictured showing his two great talents. Helping with cooking & building stuff in a galaxy far far away.

Bernice: “George helps batch cook his tea to freeze for other days - today this scrummy Gardeners pie (recipe given to us by the lovely team at “Life Steps”).Tomorrow he will be getting out the spices and making a Chicken Korma and Thursday a veg chilli ! Two great slow cooker recipes that we have found using fresh Ingredients as much as possible.”

A tasty life one slice at a time

Home on the Range - that’s George!

Master builder…

George is a very active young man - enjoying long walks, swimming and horse riding
Bernice: “During lock down we had to find him things to do whilst stuck indoors and the dark winter nights creeping in…”
….So we got a small packet of Lego and found he was very good at it with help .. He now does roughly one a fortnight -sometimes taking them apart and re-doing them, and can follow the pictures with very little vocal prompts. He enjoys every minute and will not admit defeat!” (The Force clearly strong in this one!)

“Taste the difference” range (by George) - Here’s some he made earlier…

All this creativity……makes us hungry….luckily George is such a dab hand in the kitchen!

A New Hope emerges when “Life’s a Blast(er)”

“Well done George everyone at the house (and Oaklea!) are so proud of you” Bernice

Top Deliveroo tribute: George recreates Bernie as Luke Skywalker -she’s always a blast(er)!

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