Oaklea find skeletons in the cupboard -again

Profile: Oaklea, 15th Oct, 2021

It will not have escaped your attention that 'all hallows eve' is not far off.....and it certainly has got our customers and employees across the north well & truly 'spooked'! (all in the best 'spirit' of course...)

Across Oaklealand -from Cumbria to Durham to Northumberland our people have taken Halloween to heart! (and other body parts….)

Care for a dance….”Strictly Skeleton”

Handle with care -Mary from Spennymoor has found that it may take 2 to Tango but some partners can be bone idle!

We cast our web far & wide….beware the “Eight legged groove machine”

The webs we weave -Customers in Durham blissfully unaware that they are subject to a wiggly wobbly takeover…keep calm & carry on

Take our advice - Walk on by!

Maybe steer clear of Spennymoor - there’s strange things afoot…

Working on our behalf -Oaklea’s Lisa Ives has crept out from behind the sofa to brave the daytime with smartphone in hand to capture these harrowing scenes….

If you look through the spooky window…

If we creep up quietly to the big scary spider…..we can pin this without fear!

The Halloween Giraffe -who knew?

County Durham based Team Supervisor, Anita Gallagher has sent images from Ferryhill. “We went to the woods to get branches for our Halloween Tree and made a ‘fire’ in the grate. And who doesn’t have Giraffes at Halloween?” (think we’d be too much like scaredy cats to sit next to your fire Anita!!!…..)

Jeepers creepers crafty corner: They can see the ‘wood for the trees’ in Ferryhill…

No escape from these fiendish foes…….

We’ve got it covered at Arachnid er Lowther Park, Kendal!

Floating pumpkins, scary skulls - no way…..ah yes it’s those spookies in Spennymoor again!

We see the light -Wall to wall lanterns in South Lakes…..

Creepy crafty goings on…

Spreading spookiness - From North East……

…to North West…we’ve got creepiness covered!

Wall 2 wall NE spookiness…gathers pace in Pelton!

Tangled web (below) -Word of advice….maybe hold back on having a bedtime cocoa at this house!

……HELP! - The walls have legs! (must be a South lakes thing - no pest control available?)

Shine a light on these - Clearly it’s becoming an issue….’time’ for action

Hair raising scenes in Harelaw (Pelton, Co Durham)!

Shhhhhhh -It’s behind you!

The Halloween beat goes on…..Oaklea have “Northern Soul” - “There’s a ghost in my House”

Creepy but comfy: All hallows eve almost here - can’t wait! It’s a waiting game at Hillside, County Durham

Mary has sent us an invite to pop over for pumpkin soup - but then again…it’s way too scary…..aaaggggghh

Blow those cobwebs away…..with a good North Easterly wind Mary!

The ghost (train) journey ends…..super scary motivation for those we support for sure (better check with our HR team on employee nerves!)….things can go bump in the night but not on our watch!

Cometh the hour cometh the creepy crawlies….. We’re calling ‘time’ on this…..

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