Oaklea statement regarding Alston Old Primary

Profile: Oaklea, 06th Oct, 2021

You will be aware we have been in talks since 2019 to possibly transform the former Alston Old Primary School site in Cumbria.

This morning Oaklea Trust have issued this statement:

Following detailed consultation with the community, potential users of the building and significant investment in financial forecasting, The Oaklea Trust has made the very difficult decision not to progress the Community Asset Transfer of the old Primary School in Alston. The Community Asset Transfer process, through Cumbria County Council, invites groups to create a detailed business plan, encouraging the consideration of the benefits a building can bring, the funding needed to create a useable space and the ongoing costs for running a building, and its services. The significant costs involved in renovating the building in addition to the ongoing running costs have led us to the decision not to progress. We would like to thank the community for their support and give special thanks to the Local Steering Group members who have given so much time and commitment to the project.”

Alex Wolfenden, Director, on behalf of Oaklea Trust

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