Talking "chop" with Kelvin!

Profile: Oaklea, 13th Oct, 2021

One of our best known younger customers, Kelvin from South Lakes, has just zoomed in to give a motivating talk to schoolchildren!

Kelvin Lowe is a really well known face at Oaklea and also can be found being a busy bee at the Right2Work Furniture Warehouse.

Chop chop -Sandgate pupils throw some tough questions at Team GB star Kelvin

But this time the focus was very much on what he could pass onto other young people.

Letting the moves do the talking….

“Punching above” 4 sure…

Mover & shaker….

He has just given a talk to students from Sandgate school in Kendal about his Taekwondo journey from being a beginner to representing Team GB and what you can achieve if you focus on your goals.

Keeping a straight face can be a challenge when Kelvin in full flow…

Team Supervisor, Paul “Mr G” Gillard: “Kelvin gave a great talk and needed very little help - he managed to answer all questions thrown at him. He also gave a demonstration of his skills and has been asked if he would be able to go into the school to give a lesson to the students there when the time is right.”

No barriers to our K: Back to his other public facing role at The Furniture Warehouse!

Stretching it a bit?

Fantastic effort Kelvin…..speaking in public and answering tricky questions - Parliament beckons - you heard it here first folks!

At a stretch - an image of K training for Team GB we took in 2019!

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