The "making" of a Mayor

Profile: Oaklea, 17th May, 2019

The traditional Kendal Mayor making ceremony took place last night at Kendal Town Hall and Oaklea Trust & R2W were there to enjoy proceedings, mingle and get chatty!

Former Mayor Cllr Guy Tirvengadum handed the reins over to new Mayor Cllr Alvin Finch. Guy was a well known supporter of Right2Work (R2W) and Oaklea -and hopefully former boxer Alvin will continue that fine tradition -as he is a great supporter of local charities and the work they do.

You can see Oaklea Marketing bod Simon with new Mayor Alvin plus well known Kendal Oaklea customer and R2W regular James Harrison. James is a bit of a Mayor expert - this was his 5th ceremony - maybe he’ll be up for the job in future? Go 4 it James! The role of Mayor is more than ceremonial as they are able to help fund projects etc -and of course former Kendal Mayor Andy Blackman was a Trustee of Oaklea (and has now returned as a Board Member at R2W)

Also worth flagging up Diane Winder from Oaklea supported Riversiders Trust was also with us - and clearly failing to keep a straight face as James plays ‘peek-a-boo’!

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