This old house is full of history

Profile: Oaklea, 16th Nov, 2021

As you are aware Oaklea as a charity celebrated it's 30th Anniversary this year (delayed by a year due to Covid -so we're actually 31 now for the mathematicians among you!) But are you aware that in so many way we are 'back where we started'?

Turning over new leaves -A house with a backstory

Where it all began…

The Oaklea story began in Kendal - and one of the very first locations was this former farmhouse, Wattsfield, in the south of the Auld Grey Town. It even doubled as the Oaklea HQ before they needed space for a bigger coffee machine….(they’re a demanding lot at HQ)

Back for good

It’s now back in use by Oaklea as a Supported Living property -and one of the customers we have featured regularly - Mr Piano Man himself Billy Joel…is er Andrew Barker! He has put away the keyboard and got his camera out and taken us on a little ‘silent’ guided tour of this historic property.

Andrew refrains from playing ‘Our House’ by Madness

Let us take a look through the big window then Andrew…..

He decided in between tinkling on the ivories he’d capture the sense of history in the old house….so enjoy these images of what is regarded as the second oldest home in Kendal!

Support Bernice Dean “I challenged Andrew to a task of taking photos….(it was a miserable day) round the house and outside capturing older parts of the house with a bit of help from me - we ended up with this great collection.”

Grand entrance - but that’s enough about Andrew’s piano repertoire

Spooky staircase - certainly adds atmosphere…

Hold tight…

And then there was light at the end of the staircase..

Stop! Don’t fancy getting your piano/s up here Andrew!

They knew how to keep toasty - a big inglenook in all its splendour

Bernice adds: “Apparently it’s the second oldest house in Kendal after the Castle Dairy. If anyone knows more do let us know.”

Shut the door behind you…

Yes drop us any info at Tell us more about Wattsfield

Big thanks to Oaklea customer Andrew Barker for all the photographs

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