We continue to be at the top of our game

Profile: Right2Work, 04th Nov, 2021

Our Right2Work CIC (Community Interest Company) has just issued its Annual Report for 2021.

It covers the period March 2020-March 2021 and has all the information you need to understand what R2W does, how it does it and why -and even better - some of the great outcomes on those people the organisation supports!

Download a copy here:R2W AR 2021_WEB friendly compressed.pdf

“Continuing to be at the top of their game…”

R2W Chair Jane Sullivan is full of praise for what the organisation has achieved against the backdrop of the pandemic

“Each R2W enterprise has grasped this new year with both hands, enabling nearly 200 people to be supported throughout the organisation, underpinned by robust financial planning, specialised staff training and development and quality systems which has enabled accredited qualifications to be awarded. R2W continues to grow and strengthen its employee base, with succession planning well underway. As I said at the end of last year’s report, we don’t know what this next year will bring, but I am confident, once more, that the staff at R2W will continue to be at the top of their game. They set the standard for everyone else to aspire too, and continue to raise the bar.”

The Annual Report features all the R2W activities across Cumbria

From the new - The Eden Workshop

To the more established - like The Furniture Warehouse

…and with a focus of the impact on individuals and their journey…

If you would like to know more

Visit the dedicated R2W website R2W website

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