You want lunch - you gotta make it - ok then

Profile: Oaklea, 21st Oct, 2021

Here's another - dare we say - 'tasty' progress report on our Learning2Live project that is now well underway.

Our Super Six of young people spent a day getting to grips with one of the most important elements of making the most of their independent lives - sourcing, cooking and then eating a meal!

Chop chop - sweet n tasty veg soup on it’s way Chef!

Hunter gatherers set loose…

They first headed out to get their ingredients after giving thought to what they wanted to cook - so a quick trip to the supermarket and then back to the kitchens at Kendal ‘Lads & Girls’ Club.

Tasty distractions -Jordan knows you can never have too little garlic…..

Table service -we’ll eat in!

Before the serious business of cooking then eating began - Lead Supremo for L2L, Mr Matty D, set a few ground rules on safety, handling kitchen equipment, knives and so forth - though he backed off from offering to actually do any of the real graft himself! (disappeared saying he would ‘stew’ things over….)

Ready, steady…..Cook

Concentrating carrots with exceptional Grace

Too many cooks - not at L2L - the more the merrier!

Here’s Lauren from the L2L support team giving us a lowdown on why the cooking session is so important:

You gotta ‘roll’ with it…

“Rock n ROLL” -Top support Nic & Kevin spontaneously burst into song

Team effort - no wonder they’re on a roll (we can’t help it!)

Menu del dia - With a soup starter followed by the biggest sausage rolls ever seen in South Lakes -with pancakes for afters.

Roll play - How many did we make? - total focus from absolute banger Kevin

Satisfaction - guaranteed…

Phew….After all that food……anything else is just a blur….

Bringing you up to speed….

You can find out more on L2L here Learning2LIve background

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