Our support services for people with learning or physical disabilities

Support in areas including personal care, independent living and employment,

People with Learning and Physical Disabilities

Personal Care

We provide high quality personal care. We aim to enable individuals to be as independent as possible, encouraging customers to carry out activities themselves or with support. Maintaining a person’s personal dignity is essential to us.

Independent Living

We can help you to stay in your own home and in control of your life. We work with other organisations to advise and support you in finding the right place for you to live.


Riversiders on location - Derwentwater residential March 2018 beating off the ‘Beast from the East!’

April 2019 - Riversiders were back again at Calvert Trust for their residential (below) - here’s a team photo up on t’hills above Derwentwater - more on this trip in our blog section.

Oaklea can help you access leisure clubs such as the Riversiders, based in Kendal.

The Riversiders (http://www.riversiderstrust.co.uk) aim to enable people with learning disabilities to meet in a relaxed, safe and non-threatening environment, enjoy social interaction, engage both in individual hobbies and shared activities,develop further life skills and participate as widely as possible in community life and activities.

Here a group enjoyed the banger racing at Warton nr Carnforth Lancashire -crash bang wallop indeed!

Members also get up to all kinds of creative stuff - To mark the poignant 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 & Remembrance Riversiders Trust put together their own unique tribute to all those who have fallen in war. The banner was the idea of Michael Donald, Oaklea Lifestyle Co-ordinator - he made the suggestion at club. The members then put the idea into practice using recycled plastic bottles - making the poppies from the bottom of the bottles -which uncannily look like the head of a poppy.
Hope you agree with us -it’s a pretty striking image.

Back of the net -Mixed ability footy at Penrith

Golden Moments - activities for those 50+ (North & South Cumbria)

Golden Moments is all about tackling isolation, building friendships and having an active life for vulnerable people 50+. Here’s an example of 14 people who had a lovely picnic in Fitz Park in Keswick in July 2018.

Or how about this trip on the steamer at Windermere - in fact Golden Moments do all kinds of days out & activities.

For further information on activities run by Oaklea - get in touch with Leisure supremo’s Karen Kidd and Paul Gillard for South Cumbria leisure@oakleatrust.co.uk or Liz Lomas for North Cumbria elizabeth.lomas@oakleatrust.co.uk

Free flowing Golden Moments North - Enjoying the poppy display at Carlisle Castle

In North Cumbria we make use of the Community Minibus for trips

In South Cumbria GM makes use of the Stagecoach bus network -as customers and carers are able to access trips at a much reduced rate -here a group have just had a yummy chippy tea before heading for a summer evening in the Lakes.

“Are we there yet?” - GM South Cumbria love what they do so much - they’ve even gone and got special T-Shirts -which they got made from money raised from holding events like Coffee Mornings etc -way to go!

Employment Pathway

As individuals. we are often defined by what job we do. Employment gives us self confidence and a feeling of being valued. We help people find work, either paid or voluntary, to help increase their independence. Oaklea are part of an Employment Steering Group which aims to increase confidence amongst employers, and opportunities for people with a physical or learning disability.

You can view the employment report collated by the Employment Steering Group, Cumbria here: Career Development and Employment Options

Lifeskills Pathway

The LIFESKILLS Pathway to Adulthood is a programme of study for students with learning and other disabilities. It is tailored to an individual’s needs and their desired outcomes, and is delivered in partnership with Cumbria Adult Education.

Designed specifically for students to learn more effectively through practical activities, the LIFESKILLS Study Pathway Programme is the most effective way of helping students to learn the skills they need for the future and reflects the multi-agency approach that is at the heart of SEND reforms

Each programme is devised with each individual student and is based on their assessed needs and personal development to create a personal study plan to focus on skills for independence, employment, travel, communication, personal and social skills.

Through practical tasks and subject specific activities, students are able to acquire and develop the core organisational and behavioural skills that will be of practical benefit to them in the future and support their independent living.

The LIFESKILLS Pathways are designed to reflect the key elements in students’ lives and interests, providing an appropriate framework for identifying the subject specific skills they will need in the future.

The four LIFESKILLS Pathways are:

  • Independent Living
  • Employment
  • Community Participation
  • Good Health and Wellbeing

Our combination of using skilled and experienced staff along with partnerships across the local community ensures appropriate facilities and resources are always available and utilised to provide the right activities, at the right time to maximise students’ potential.

The LIFESKILLS Study Pathway Programme is designed for students who learn more effectively through undertaking practical activities. The focus is firmly on supporting students to develop and continue to learn practical life skills.

Working in partnership with Cumbria Adult Education, this will be the most effective way of helping students to learn the skills they need for the future and reflects the multi-agency approach that is at the heart of SEND reforms.

These pathways reflect the key elements of the lives and interests of students and provide an appropriate framework for identifying the subject-specific skills the students will need in the future.

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